Book Review #2

This is the second book of the Beautiful Creatures series. The title of the book is Beautiful Darkness. This is about the same characters. After Lena’s grandfather died, she changes completely. She is different around Ethan, then Ethan notices that Lena’s eyes changed. They were two different colors. After the last day of school everyones except for Lena’s tires were popped. So Ethan, Lena, and Link ,(Ethan’s bestfriend since the second grade), go to the river to go swimming. Then, Ethan and Lena take it too far Lena runs away. So, after all that Ethan gets a summer job at the library. Ethan meets a girl named Liv, (a transfer to Gatlin for an internship to become a keeper), and has to show her around town and make book deliveries. So the two of them become friends, and learn more about each other. So Link, Ethan, and Liv go on an adventure to go and help Lena. So in the end after their adventure they figure out what Lucille,(Ethan’s cat), is. Link turns into a Incubus, Ridley,(Lena’s Cousin), who used to be a caster is a mortal, and Macon,(Lena’s Grandfather), is back from the other world. At the end there is a mystery about what is going to happen to Ridley. Read on to learn more the name of the third book is Beautiful Chaos. Enjoy!


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