January 12, 2013

Okay so today was amazing! I had my birthday party today! All of my friends could come, but my crush :(. He was so bummed he couldn’t go also. Then at my party there were these two guys who decided it was gonna be awesome to hit my butt. Oh my gosh I wanted to knock the crap out of them. I made a joke with my crush and told him that the guys there were cute. But then I told him that none of them were as cute as him. He texted me back with a smiley face. I couldn’t help but blush. After that I found out that he is still gonna get me a birthday present. I really like him and felt bad that he couldn’t come to the party though. Other than that it was awesome!


January 9, 2013

Sadly today was not even close to yesturday. 😦 In gym we did not play survivor we played some lame game called buke ball. Of course if yall know I have late reactions so when a ball finally came to me since I saw it last minute I freaked out, and kicked it. I was so mad at myself it wasn’t even funny. Had a great day other than that. After the 7th period rang to dismiss us I was outside tryin to chug a water bottle down. My friend stopped me to talk to me, and I had a mouth full of water. Then this 6th grader I know comes running past hits me and made me choke on the water. I was so mad when I was telling the story to people who missed what happened my crush walks by looking over where we were standing smilin and I looked over at him, and my hands were crossed on my chest to calm my heartbeat. I looked so funny but I didn’t care he should know how crazy I am. So other than that it was an awesome day today.

January 8, 2013

Well today was awesome! I had a lot of laughs with friends expecially when they make you laugh. In my gym class we played Survivor again, I was on the ball today I was happy. When they had to numbers go I had a trus with my crush! And he helped me out when we were playing even if he had to get out. There was this dude who had a ball I had a ball, and so did my crush. So I threw my ball and I was pretty much in a death trap. Then the dude threw his ball at me, and it missed I was so relieved. After that I looked to my right and all of a sudden my crush threw is ball at the dude who almost got me out. Sadly 😦 it missed but I’m glad he threw it at the dude instead of me. So all in all it was an awesome day today hopefully it’s the same tomorrow. I can only hope.

January 7, 2013

Well I had my first day back from winter break it was very fun gettin to see my friends. I passed out the invitations to my birthday party today! My best friend is not mad at me thank goodness for that. I really don’t want my boo to be mad at me. I’m really mad at my sister for not givin my friend a note I made for him. So I won’t be able to talk to him until tomorrow :(. That would be unless my friend forgets to give me his number. So all in all I had a really good day today. Hopefully I will have a great day tomorrow too.

Bloggers Chain#1

A book that I believe has changed my life even though it is a series is Beautiful Creatures. This is about two different people from two different worlds dating, and making it work. These two have hard trying to figure things out and get answers to life’s problems. It shows that you can be very different, but still make things work. This book can help people relize that no matter how different you are you can still work together and figure out life’s problems. The author of the book is Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

Book Review #2

This is the second book of the Beautiful Creatures series. The title of the book is Beautiful Darkness. This is about the same characters. After Lena’s grandfather died, she changes completely. She is different around Ethan, then Ethan notices that Lena’s eyes changed. They were two different colors. After the last day of school everyones except for Lena’s tires were popped. So Ethan, Lena, and Link ,(Ethan’s bestfriend since the second grade), go to the river to go swimming. Then, Ethan and Lena take it too far Lena runs away. So, after all that Ethan gets a summer job at the library. Ethan meets a girl named Liv, (a transfer to Gatlin for an internship to become a keeper), and has to show her around town and make book deliveries. So the two of them become friends, and learn more about each other. So Link, Ethan, and Liv go on an adventure to go and help Lena. So in the end after their adventure they figure out what Lucille,(Ethan’s cat), is. Link turns into a Incubus, Ridley,(Lena’s Cousin), who used to be a caster is a mortal, and Macon,(Lena’s Grandfather), is back from the other world. At the end there is a mystery about what is going to happen to Ridley. Read on to learn more the name of the third book is Beautiful Chaos. Enjoy!

Book Review #1

Well, this is my first book review. The book title is Beautiful Creatures, the first book of the series. Beautiful Creatures is written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. This book about a Mortal named Ethan Wate who fall in love with a caster girl named Lena Duchannes. The twist is that Lena on her birthday is going to have to go Dark or Light, what she doesn’t know is that she can choose her own fate. Through out the book the learn some powers they never knew they had. In the end there is a death and the fate has not been chosen. Personally I would give this book five stars out of all the books I have read. The movie for this book will come out February 13, 2013. I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I have.